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Specialty Plastic Manufacturer Since 1962 Polyfabrics has been manufacturing custom flexible plastic products in vinyl or polyethylene fabrications for commercial, industrial and home needs and applications.

Including not limited to Plastic manufacturing of: For your Commercial or Industrial Plastic Product Manufacturing. Polyfabrics creates blimps, tank liners, air bags, air domes, inflatable's, water bags, custom plastic bags, polyethylene tarps, pool covers, sealers, custom plastic fabrication, sewing, contract heat sealing, rf heat sealing, custom manufactured fabrication with flexible PVC.

Services: Plastic contract R.F. heat sealing, decorative hot foil stamping, industrial contract sewing,custom printing

Materials Manufacturer:
Plastics flexible Polyethylene - Vinyl product manufacturing

If you can sketch it, we can make it! Your ideas, combined with our expert staff and computer-controlled workplace, allow us to create and manufacturer any plastic product custom manufactured for plastic bubble Domes, airblown inflatable, land advertising inflatable, or sea inflatable!

Swimming Pool Plastic Products covers and domes

Advertising and Promotional Plastic Inflatables all types

manufacturer custom plastic bubble

Plastic product manufacturer large advertising in polyethylene & vinyl

vinyl plastic fabrication of floor mat

Flexible Plastic Fabrication Worldwide
Serving businesses worldwide located in Southern California Orange County OC between Los Angles and San Diego County.

You want a design in Plastic we will create it or fabricate to your specification and design. Plastics in giant, large, medium...materials vinyl and flexible plastics.

Manufacture custom plastics polyethylene & vinyl