Custom Plastic Pond Liners-Small, Large, Square, Rectangle or any shape

Custom Pond Liners by Design  

Polyfabrics plastic custom pond liners for an exact fit.

  • Large Pond Liners
  • Extra Large Pond Liners
  • Small Pond Liners to your specifications
  • Colored Pond Liners
  • Any contour or curves-square, oval, round, custom shaped pond liners

All our pond liners come in any size or shape. Designed for residential, commercial, industrial applications.

Made to order any size pond liner! Just send us the length and width. Complete customer satisfaction.

Buy your custom manufactured plastic vinyl PVC pond liners with a us. We have been designing vinyl pond liners since 1962.

  Pond liners in black, red, blue vinyl colors


custom vinyl pond liners we design, layout for commerical and residential applications large or small

Vinyl, PVC Pond Liners for Gardens & Farms

Custom vinyl garden pond liners for outdoor home or commercial requirements.We manufacture to your specifications of any plastic, polyethylene, pvc pond liner

Our pond liners are manufactured for home, commercial or industrial needs. Repair service is also available


Vinyl, PVC Pond Liners for Farms

Farm pond liners are manufactured in as one piece any size is available large pond liners or small pond liners. As we manufacturer to your exact specifications. As about our pond liner guarantee.

Vinyl, PVC Pond Liners for Commercial Use

Plastic & Vinyl pond liners for any application.

  • Koi or Coy Fish Pond Liners
  • Golf Course Pond Liners
  • Industrial Concrete Pond Liner
  • Water Features needing Pond Liners
  • Indoor & Outdoor Pond Liners
  • Polyethylene pond liners
  • irrigation Pond Liners
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride PVC liners