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Polyfabrics plastic custom design each pool liner for an exact fit to your pool or spa.

We have a Swimming Pool Liner colors and patterns beautiful array to choose from.

All our swimming pool liners come complete with extra UV inhibitors to protect the vinyl, an acrylic topcoat to help premature fading, and a 15 year limited warranty as testimony to customer satisfaction.

Manufacturer vinyl Pool Liner

Vinyl Pool Liner for all shapes an sizes of swimming pools

Swimming Pool Liner

Specialty Plastic Manufacturer Since 1962 Polyfabrics has been manufacturing custom flexible plastic products in vinyl from pool liners to complete product design.

Swimming Pool Covers for Safety and Beauty
Custom vinyl pool covers and liners increase the safety of your swimming pool and reduces maintenance on your pool when not in use. If your pool is above ground, in ground or a spa we can custom manufacturer your specific liners.

Our pool covers help to keep in your chemical investment and heat while keeping out derbis and children. Designed and manufactured for home and commercial needs. Repair service is also available

Custom Vinyl Swimming Pool Cover

Custom Vinyl Spa Liner
In ground Swimming Pool Dome Covers
Swimming pool domes are the ultimate in pool coverings! Use your pool and keep it covered at the same time!

Our swimming pool dome covers are an effective heater for your swimming area. Extend your swimming season and enjoy your swimming pool anytime, warm, clean & bug-free!
Custom Vinyl Pool Dome Cover
Custom Balance Wading Swimming Pool
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