Custom Sea, Ocean Inflatables, Boat Inflatables,
Water Bags, Buoys, Safety Jackets
Custom Vinyl - Custom Plastic Inflatable Products

Polyfabrics designs and manufacturers custom plastic inflatables for sea, water and advertising inflatables, water bags, buoys, balloons, sea applications, specialized water toys. Promote your company identity with an inflatable printed with your own company logo and brand on your unique custom inflatable.

If you don't see the water inflatable or sea flotation accessory you need, please contact us. We can create any custom plastic product in flexible film or sheet. For outstanding service and superior workmanship call or email us your special request.

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  • Airblown inflatables
  • Water inflatables
  • Sea inflatabales
  • Buoys and Floats
  • Toy submarines
  • Safety vests
  • Advertising inflatables
  • Promotional inflatable
  • Water bags
  • Custom Inflatables
  • Boat Inflatables
  • Water Applications
  • Floation Applications
  • Vinyl Custom Inflatables
  • ocean inflatable boat buoy and floats custom inflatable bag inflatable balls and spheres manufactuere to specifications Inflatable Vinyl, Plastic Sea Turtle
    inflatable custom ocean vest inflatable custom ocean vest ocean inflatable submarine custom inflatable buoys in orange vinyl
    custom inflatable safety jackets inflatable safety jacket promotional advertising water bouy for boat race  


    Your ideas combined with our expert staff will allow us to create any type of Custom Inflatable!!!
    From pool inflatables to advertising inflatables to promotional Inflatables and Blimps!