Jiu-Jitsu Floor Mats

Jiu-Jitsu Floor mats 

Just one of our specialties is covers for floor matting in martial arts studios. Use vinyl mat covers for your home, garage, or school for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase pre-made mats. High frequency bonding to create a one piece vinyl mat cover means no seams, no lines to trip on or get in the way. Can be custom fit to any shape or size!

Totally Custom

Your custom plastic fabrication can be printed (additional charge) with your company logo, artwork, phone number, email — or whatever you can think of.¬†

Vinyl is as flexible as cloth material and manufactured in any color. A Vinyl mat cover would be a fabric-like material that is considered a plastic. Vinyl is one of the most practical plastics that has ever been developed and is extremely durable. Typical vinyl floor mat covers are economical to manufacture and used in a variety of product applications.

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